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Challenge #10: Into the double digits!

As you may have noticed, I talk about food a lot. Recipes, meal-planning, and all the kinda thing. And I like food, but mostly, I’m just trying to get back into a routine. I like routines. I have some that … Continue reading

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Challenge #9: Yum!

So last week I planned out my meals. I made three different things for lunches/ dinners, and continued my habit of eating peanut butter toast for breakfast. No Taco Shop, no random gas station snacks. Success! I made a bunch … Continue reading

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Challenge #9: Meal Plan

Since I totally failed at being an adult last week, I need to redeem myself. Last week, I didn’t bring my lunch to work at all (and ate fast food three days, non-food one day, and no food one day). … Continue reading

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Challenge #8: FAIL.

I managed to eat dinner at the table all of two times. Monday: had dinner with Bryan Tuesday: Brussels sprouts. I was going to ask if it’s weird to eat a giant bowl of Brussels sprouts for dinner, but I … Continue reading

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30 for 30: Seventeen and up.

Seventeen: teal shirt, grey tank, jeans, zebra print flats.           Eighteen: puce shirt, yellow tank top, jeans (for the millionth time), and Converse             Nineteen:     white v-neck top, embroidered … Continue reading

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