Challenge #9: Meal Plan

Since I totally failed at being an adult last week, I need to redeem myself. Last week, I didn’t bring my lunch to work at all (and ate fast food three days, non-food one day, and no food one day). I only sort-of ate dinners for various reasons (laziness + feeling down). Eating junk and not eating at all is definitely not a way to make myself feel better.

This week, I need to do better for sure.

Beef and snowpeas*.

The challenge this week is to meal plan for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is easy because I either have peanut butter toast or a smoothie. I went to the store yesterday (it’s uh, easier to cook when you have ingredients that can actually be used together). So I need to plan what to make and then follow through… no Taco Shop or random junk food for me.

Israeli couscous with asparagus and mushrooms*.

…this week anyway.

*see? I really can cook… I just need to plan ahead a bit better. Or at all.


About The Wonderful Blog

This blog is inspired by the Mae West quotation that "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." Each week I'll post a challenge to make your life more wonderful. It might be food, exercise, travel, or beauty related. Be sure to participate each week so that you can have too much of a good thing. I'm Jen. I'm a speech therapist in Arizona who likes to make stuff, cook delicious food, and complete items from my list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days. This blog is just another way for me to focus on doing things that make my life even more wonderful.
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One Response to Challenge #9: Meal Plan

  1. Mart says:

    I have a semi-giant bowl of brussels sprouts for lunch on a semi-regular basis and think it’s the best! =-P

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