Challenge #14: ZzzzZzzzZzzz…

So, the tally for the week is:
Jen: 0, Waking up Early: 6.


I did make it a point to go for a walk every day, though, so that’s a plus. Things I saw this week include:

  1. thousands of bats
  2. a very VERY large mystery bird
  3. a guy who I thought was wearing headphones, but just had weird hair (saw him twice, actually)
  4. an extremely wee lizard, like, barely over an inch long including its tail
  5. a group of people rappelling off the bridge that crosses the Rillito

I actually took my binoculars the other night to hopefully track down my mystery bird.

I know..... dorky.

I didn’t find the bird I was looking for, but I did see a family of hawks.

Hawk! (there were actually two others nearby)

Anyway, tomorrow I have to get up at least a little earlier than usual, since I have to drive up to my parents’ for Fathers’ Day. BUT…. I got something today that might help me wake up earlier.


I’m not sure yet if he’s one for waking up early, but I kinda hope so (but not tooooo early). So far, I know he’s a fan of sleeping on the bed, on the couches, and on the papasan chair cushion, though.


About The Wonderful Blog

This blog is inspired by the Mae West quotation that "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." Each week I'll post a challenge to make your life more wonderful. It might be food, exercise, travel, or beauty related. Be sure to participate each week so that you can have too much of a good thing. I'm Jen. I'm a speech therapist in Arizona who likes to make stuff, cook delicious food, and complete items from my list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days. This blog is just another way for me to focus on doing things that make my life even more wonderful.
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