What I’m Doing… Thursday*

* I actually thought it was Tuesday today. I told my girls’ group, “See you on Thursday!” and they were like, Uhhh…

Anyway. This has not been the most exciting week ever. But is it ever?


I’m not tall. Just standing on a rock.


My glasses broke! Ugh!

Tue....I mean, Thursday!

At Cost Plus, unsuccessfully trying to find a Mother’s Day gift. Any suggestions?

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Challenge #12: Get out of my photo rut.

I take a photo of myself every day, and I have since January 1, 2007 (I know, it’s weird). Needless to say, it has become part of my everyday routine… which is good, because I’m forgetful and if it weren’t part of my routine, I wouldn’t remember to do it. At the time time, I’m kind of in a photo rut. I tend to remember to take my photo sometime after I get home from work, when I’m hanging out at home and just relaxing on the couch.

This makes for boring photographs.

While I’m not doing it to become a better photographer or anything (actually it’s hard to explain why I am doing it. Sometimes I don’t even know), I do get bored.

Challenge #12: take some photos (if you’re not in the habit of doing so), and make ’em interesting/ different (if you are in the habit of taking photos). My goal is to NOT take ANY photos inside my house this week. Easier said than done?

Here’s today’s:

Being windblown on top of the parking garage at the high school.

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Challenge #11

I did a couple more things!

I made a mini-book of my grocery list:

It's unfolded so that's why part of it's upside down.

I also started Item#34: Fill an entire page with with small circles:

Drawn while watching Duck Soup and Soylent Green. Ha.

I only watched half of Soylent Green. Maybe I’ll finish it tomorrow.

I also did #64 (physically alter a page- I did drops of food coloring and cut strips… not really scan-able) and #71: Write a list of 10 things you can do, and do the last thing on the list. My list was:

  1. paint my nails (which I ended up doing today)
  2. clean the bathroom
  3. read
  4. watch tv
  5. clean out the fridge (also did that today)
  6. glitter
  7. knit
  8. go to bed
  9. face mask
  10. work on 101 Things List

So I’ve brought my total up to 9/20 things completed! Yay!

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Challenge #11: I drew a picture!

So, I am not an artist. I can knit. I can cook. I can sew, sorta. Can’t draw though.

Still, I decided to do Item#40 from Keri Smith’s 100 Ideas list: Draw all the things in your purse/ bag. Here are the things in my school bag. The majority of things get switched back and forth between my school bag and purse. I don’t usually carry around the notebook with my caseload stuff, or Social Thinking books around in my purse though. Also, my purse usually contains knitting.

Things in my Bag

I also did #58: List your ten most important things, (not including animals or people.) That was hard. Not sure these are the MOST important things in that they’re not all irreplaceable (but some are), but they are things that have sentimental value or are just practical things I use so much that if I didn’t have them handy, I’d miss ’em.

  1. computer
  2. phone/camera (I chose my phone based on the fact that it has a good camera, which I use every day for my daily photo)
  3. knitting
  4. sunglasses
  5. mug of chai (the chai is necessary, and I love my huge Fiesta ware mugs)
  6. thumb ring (had it since 7th grade)
  7. earrings (feel naked without them)
  8. Radar (my teddy bear, which is now nearly 29 years old)
  9. car (practical and sentimental, since it’s prevented me from getting squished by a red light runner)
  10. scolapasta (this is seriously like the most sentimental thing I own. It’s orange and awesome)

So, that’s what I’ve done so far.

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Long time, no see: Challenge #11

So for the past month or so, my weekly challenges have been along the lines of, “make it through the week.” Today, I’m off of work, and need something to do, so I might as well dust off the ol’ blog and and put up a “real” challenge for the week.

I have a list of 101 Things to do in 1001 days- it’s actually my second go round with this project. Right now, I have 468 days to go. I’ve totally finished 38 things, and am working on 22 things. I haven’t really paid much attention to it in the past month or two, so I think it’s time to focus some attention on it again.

This week, I want to work on Keri Smith’s 100 Ideas. So far, I’ve done three, and my goal is to do 20 (though not all in one week, probably!). So that’s that challenge: pick some ideas (or even just one!) and do it.

So far, I’ve done:

#37: Make a list of all the places you’ve ever lived
#59: List ten things you would like to do every day
#94: List ten of your habits

I want to do at least one more thing, if not more than that, this week. It depends on what I choose and how my attention span goes, I guess. We’ll see.

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Challenge #10: Into the double digits!

As you may have noticed, I talk about food a lot. Recipes, meal-planning, and all the kinda thing. And I like food, but mostly, I’m just trying to get back into a routine.

I like routines. I have some that I don’t think I can ever break (for instance, a cup of chai first thing in the morning, rain or shine, cold weather or warm; or my daily photo which I may have to do forever, just because it feels weird not to). But I tend to pick up habits for random amounts of time only to leave them by the wayside for reasons unknown. Okay, not always. Over the past year when I was sleeping 98% of the time, many of my routines and habits were left by the wayside because you can only do so much in 28 minutes a day.

One habit I was in was meal-planning for the week, and I hope I’ve given myself a kick in the butt to start that up again. Another habit that I thought was really good for me hasn’t been in the mix since oh, January 24, 2010, according to my records.

No, really.

I used to keep a notebook with a list of five good things that happened each day. I started on 10/18/08, which was a good plan because traditionally October is my Month of Doom. But my last entry was 1/24/10, and the handful before that were pretty puny. I was trying to keep it up, but I was so tired that it was hard to think of anything, let alone write it down. It got to the point where I wanted to write:

“1. I wrote this entire sentence before falling asle”

So I stopped.

I liked keeping this list though. I liked thinking about things that happened throughout the day and telling myself, “Oh! I should write this one down later!” and I like looking back through my lists and remembering stuff I forgot about. I’m not a very consistent or detailed journal-keeper, but five short things a day is doable, right?

This is all a long-winded way of saying: This week’s challenge is to write down a list of five good things about each day. Who’s with me?

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Challenge #9: Yum!

So last week I planned out my meals. I made three different things for lunches/ dinners, and continued my habit of eating peanut butter toast for breakfast. No Taco Shop, no random gas station snacks. Success!

I made a bunch of salad all in one go and put it into four rubbermaid things. It was a spinach/ spring mix combination, plus tomatoes (locally grown in Willcox, strangely enough), red bell pepper, cucumber, feta, and olives. All I had to do was add dressing (oil and vinegar) and ta- da!

Delicious Salad!

I also made a quasi- bhindi do piaza adapted from this recipe. It’s better with a little of bit of tomato paste to make more of a sauce, I think. Also, cooking the tomatoes at the beginning instead of at the end.

The last thing I did was thaw the pasta sauce that’s been in my freezer for a bit, and make some meatballs to go with it. It made two meals worth with the random amount of penne I had in my cabinet.

In all, I managed to eat real food all week, and I didn’t have to stress about not having any groceries or anything around to take for lunch (a lot of the time I don’t bring my lunch it’s because I have food, but it’s not food that’s actually convenient to take to work and reheat, etc).

I just finished my meals for this week, too. I spent the afternoon cooking (enjoyable when I’m not tired/stressed/ starving after work), and now my fridge looks like this:

Full, just like me!

It contains:

  • five more containers of salad
  • two containers of broccoli pasta, which I used to make all the time last year and forgot about for some reason
  • two containers of vindaloo from Madhur Jaffrey’s Quick and Easy Indian Cooking
  • four containers of Potato Chana Curry from Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian

I ate some broccoli pasta for lunch, and the two containers are leftovers. Then I cooked the vindaloo and the curry, and they were done around dinnertime. I ate some vindaloo for dinner, and the other containers are leftover rice + vindaloo, plus one other container of rice that was leftover. The curry is GOOD. Like, surprisingly good. Which is a good thing because it makes a TON.

Plus, I got some kumquats, which I don’t think I’ve ever had before and don’t really know what to do with. They look good though. What should I do with them?


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